JIA’s Objective

    We attempt to relieve socially-related issues through Work Camp activities.

    In our programs, the participants would notice beloved ones are actually close to themselves.

    When they go back to their ordinary lives, they would begin to bring positive changes to their relationships to others.

    Our mission is to increase these associates regardless of nationality or any other boundaries.

    One day, we are going to see the society that everyone in the group would care each other, not to fight against each other, but to support each other. 

Report on JIA by NHK World


Making a Connection: JIA is making a connection among the villagers affected by leprosy, Chinese and Japanese volunteers.

I will remember you


Short stories gathered from volunteering in Hansen's Disease (leprosy) Recovery Villages in rural China. edited by Global Neighbours, Swarthmore College

What I learned from work camp


When CHEN Peng was a student, he joined / organized work camps many times. Now he is doing agriculture by making use of the experiences in the work camps.

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